Arnel Ricafranca Releases The 1000 Calorie Challenge Program

Arnel Ricafranca Releases The 1000 Calorie Challenge Program

The 1,000 Calorie Challenge is a brand spankin new diet and exercise program that has been created by top level fatloss experts Arnel Ricafranca and Joel Marion. The 1000 Calorie Challenge Program is a workout program, that is specifically designed for losing body fat and weight in a very effective way. The creators of this program are Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca, Joel is very well known and he is rated among the best fitness and nutritional experts in the US.

The program teaches you how to perform progressively more intensive workouts until you’re able to do workouts that burn 1,000 calories each. In addition, the workouts are designed in such a way as to give you an afterburn effect in which your metabolism remains higher than normal for hours after your workout has been completed, burning off more calories faster. The program has a detailed eating plan that includes some low calorie days to increase the calorie deficit. It’s important to note that these low calories days are not all of the days and that the other days allow a greater calorie intake. It is the combination and scheduling of the workout days and the low calorie days that gives the program its greatest effectiveness and helps you to lose a lot of body fat.

In the 1000 Calorie Challenge program, it seems that Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca have decided to combine their knowledge and create a program that focuses on achieving a super fast fat loss with intensive workouts and a challenging eating plan combined. This is a program that was made to produce fast results and a considerable fat loss. It is not just a plan for losing weight. It is for people who are looking for very fast results. Overall, the 1000 Calorie Challenge is a solid fat loss program. It teaches yo how to burn up to a 1000 calories per workout. This can almost ensure that you lose as much body fat as possible.

However, this isn’t something that you get for nothing. You need to work hard for this to happen. The 1000 Calorie workouts are based on circuits: doing a series of strength exercises without any rest in between. During each workout you will work various muscle groups in your body to give it a full workout experience. The workouts are intensive and challenging. You need to be ready for that and willing to put in the effort. The good news is that the workouts are not long (an hour or less). In addition, the program comes with a complete exercise library manual with detailed explanations and pictures to show you how to perform each exercise in the right form.

The 1000 calorie Challenge is a program that requires commitment and effort on your part but it also delivers results. If you really want to burn off a lot of body fat fast, then this is a program that you should use.

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