Your guide to Managing Gestational Diabetes

Your guide to Managing Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes may be considered a common condition among pregnant women. The good thing is that it can be treated and is not life threatening. The process of managing gestational diabetes has several components of which you need to be aware.  One is regular monitoring of your blood sugar which, of course, is important since diabetes is caused by elevated blood glucose levels. Also, it is necessary to watch your diet and engage in regular physical activity or exercise. All these activities involved in managing gestational diabetes will be monitored by your doctor.

The first step is checking your blood glucose levels, which will require a glucose monitor. This device can be easily found and purchased. There are some insurance companies that even provide these, free of charge, or will pay for them especially if they have been prescribed or if it is medically needed. If this is the case, then the only ones you need to buy are test strips and lancets. That’s quite convenient, right? In this procedure, you will have to check your blood glucose four times daily. First one is when you wake up, when you have not eaten any thing yet. Then the next three tests are to be done two hours after having your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For managing your gestational diabetes, your doctor will also advise you to eat a special diet that is more appropriate for diabetics. This means fewer carbohydrates. To ensure that you make the correct choices of food for the diet, it is better to consult a nutritionist for advice. It doesn’t mean that sugar and carbohydrates should be totally removed from your diet, because you body also needs these substances to function. What you will be asked to do is just limit your intake and choose the better and healthier carbohydrate sources.

Physical exercise is another part of managing gestational diabetes. Of course, we all know that carbohydrates are calorie sources from which we can draw energy for our daily activities. We should use that energy. By regularly exercising, you can be able to aid your body in regulating blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, there are some cases when diet modification and exercise are not enough tin managing gestational diabetes. These few special cases will then require prescribed medication to keep blood glucose levels at normal range.

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